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Active Sleep Mattress Description

This Mattress has high elasticity and support. It maintains excellent bounce-back and load distribution features. The durability, flexibility, support, and comfort properties of a high-resilience foam make it one of the most suitable mattresses in the industry. A single layer of HR foam in the mattress provides an even feel. This mattress is offered with superior-quality foam. This mattress provides good quality sleep. You can choose among different sizes available between Single, Diwan, Queen, and King. Best-in-class foam is used in manufacturing this mattress. We also provide a free doorstep delivery service. This mattress is very comfortable mattress as well as durable. This mattress comes with a 3-year long warranty period along with the purchase. The HR mattress is delivered to you directly from the manufacturer. The mattress comes with an anti-microbial knitted fabric. This Mattress is Both sides usable. This Mattress is good for every type of sleeper

3 Year


High Resilience Foam

Removable Zipper Cover


Direct From Factory/Warehouse

Usable on both sides

Premium Quality Fabric

Traditional Vs Nityam HR Foam Mattress

Features Details