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Orthopedic Triple Layer Description

The Top layer of the mattress is Memory Foam and provides zero partner disturbance and a luxurious feel. It molds to the shape of the body and provides motion isolation and pressure point relief. Multiple adaptive foam layers in the mattress provide comfort and orthopedic support to the body. The three layers of adaptive foam offer pressure distribution areas for all zones of the body. It is an orthopedic mattress providing multiple layers of cushioning effect. The spine aligns naturally. Contour cuts on the layers adjust to the spine and provide good back support. It is an advanced back support mattress. It helps in spinal alignment and postural correction
This orthopedic mattress offers superior-quality foam that allows better airflow through the vents, thus controlling the body heat while sleeping. It improves sleep quality. You can choose among different sizes available between Single, Diwan, Queen, and King.
Multiple layers along with contour cuts provide better airflow and help to control body heat. Best-in-class foam is used in manufacturing this mattress. We also provide a free doorstep delivery service. This mattress comes with a 10-year long warranty period along with the purchase. The orthopedic mattress is delivered to you directly from the manufacturer. The mattress comes with an anti-microbial knitted fabric. This mattress is recommended by doctors for its Orthopaedic properties.

10 year warranty

Direct From Factory/Warehouse

Mattress In A

Removable Zipper Cover


Spine Aligns Naturally

Bamboo Knitting Fabric

Multilayer Mattress

Orthopedic Support


Responsive Memory Foam

Muiltizone Technology Mattress

Traditional Vs Nityam Multizonal Mattress

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